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Currently a Masters Student at McGill University.

I am addicted to the satisfying feeling from solving problems and always look forward to learning new technologies.

Every day, I push myself to improve as a computer scientist and as a person.

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Silan He

Montreal, Canada, Earth


Work Experience

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

May 2020 - Aug 2020

Full-time - Software Development Intern


Vancouver, Canada, Earth |

Project Spectrum News

May 2019 - May 2020

Project Lead

News Aggregation Personal Project

  • Google News like news aggregation web app built with React that aims to serve news from various sources on the political spectrum while informing of possible biases.

  • Built automated scrapy pipeline to scrape news articles and cluster them by topic using NLP directly into Django.

  • Python Django Rest Framework Scrapy NLP React Javascript

Montreal, Canada, Earth

TRU Simulation

TRU Simulation + Training

May 2018 - August 2018

Full-time - Software Engineer Intern

.NET and C++ developer at TRU, aeroplane simulation company

  • Adapted legacy simulator interface program to be language configurable at run-time using C and .NET Framework, enabling the application to be translated into any language using an Excel file.

  • Wrote a Python script that enforces proper design needed for maintaining the language configuration feature of the interface program in my absence.

  • Updated a legacy file storage system to a humanly legible and usable format in C++, allowing clients to easily modify files outside of our proprietary app.

  • C# .NET Framework Python C++

Montreal, Canada, Earth |



May 2017 - August 2017

Full-time - Engineering Intern

Full Stack developer internship at MindGeek, leaders in highly trafficked websites

  • Built and deployed internal software used every day built on AngularJs and Spring, leading to easier work flow for other departments.

  • Successfully built and deployed website checkup application that runs daily written in Java via Jenkins, enabling MindGeek to monitor the status of all affiliated websites.

  • Java Spring Javascript Angular Js MySQL Jenkins Node

Montreal,Canada,Earth |



April 2016 - August 2016

Full-time - Mobile Development Intern

Internship at a startup called Guiker that is an online platform for renting apartments.

  • Built and deployed Java and iOS cross-platform messaging application using Xamarin in less than 8 weeks, enabling users to instant message each other.

  • Setup and deployed MySQL and Ruby on Rails RESTful API for the mobile application, setting up the basic backend required for the messaging application.

  • C# Xamarin objective c Java MySQL Rails Ruby

Downtown Montreal,Canada,Earth |



February 2018

Cisco Sparks User Stats Analyser

McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Earth


December 2017

Villains be Gone : data analysis challenge

Yale University, New Haven, USA, Earth


February 2017

STMieux : crowd based public transit stats and trends with nlu

École Polytechnique de Montréal, Montreal, Canada, Earth


January 2017

i missed a bus and sorting website

McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Earth


October 2016

Comtemporary version of Atari's classic Missile Command

Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, Earth


September 2016

WhosOnBreak multi-platform mobile social application

Cooper Union, New York, USA, Earth

VR Hackathon

September 2016

Unity Workshop for VR, VR test-run

Downtown Montreal, Canada, Earth


February 2016

Daily Calorie Counter App

McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Earth



McGill University

Sept 2019 - ?

Full-time - Master of Science - Computer Science (Thesis)
    Relevant Courses
  • COMP557: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
  • COMP558: Fundamentals of Computer Vision
  • COMP601: Thesis Literature Review
  • COMP561: Computational Biology and Research
  • COMP520: Compiler Design
  • COMP764: Natural Language Understanding with Deep Learning
  • COMP599: Fundamentals of Computer Animation

McGill University

Sept 2016 - May 2019

Full-time - Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

McGill University is an English-language public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, ranked among the world's top 30 institutions. With some 300 buildings, 40,000 students, 250,000 living alumni, and a reputation for excellence that reaches around the globe, McGill has carved out a spot among the world's greatest universities.

    Relevant Experience
  • MDPH396: Undergraduate Research Project: Project WAITLEARN: predicting hospital patient waiting times using machine learning.
  • Relevant Courses
  • ECSE202: Introduction to Software Engineering
  • COMP250: Algorithms and Data Structures I
  • COMP251: Algorithms and Data Structures II
  • COMP206: Introduction to Software Systems
  • COMP273: Introduction to Computer Systems
  • COMP302: Programming Languages and Paradigms
  • COMP303: Software Design
  • COMP310: Operating Systems
  • COMP521: Modern Computer Games
  • COMP421: Database Systems
  • COMP551: Applied Machine Learning
  • COMP535: Computer Networks
  • COMP360: Algorithm Design
  • COMP350: Numerical Computing
  • COMP307: Web Development
  • COMP550: Natural Language Processing
  • COMP598: Topics in Computer Science (Cloud Computing)
  • COMP424: Artificial Intelligence
  • COMP409: Concurrent Programming
  • COMP546: Computational Perception

Downtown Montreal, Canada, Earth |


Marianopolis College

Sept 2014 - May 2016

Full-time - DEC Pure and Applied Sciences

Recognized as one of Quebec’s top pre-university colleges, Marianopolis College boasts a diverse student body comprised of 2,000 students from over 175 public and private high schools, English and French, from Quebec and abroad.

Basketball Team

Westmount, Canada, Earth |


College Beaubois

Sept 2009 - May 2014

Full-time - Highschool diploma

One of the top private French highschool in the Greater Montreal area.

Le collège Beaubois se veut un établissement francophone de premier plan pour former des jeunes aptes à entreprendre les études supérieures les plus exigeantes et devenir des citoyens conscients de leurs responsabilités et soucieux du bien commun.

Badminton Team Basketball Team

Pierrefonds, Montreal, Canada, Earth |


Cisco Sparks User Analysis
McHacks, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Earth

a web app that analyses the various conversations you have and presents the stats in an interesting and aesthetic way. This is inspired by the reddit user analyser.

React JavaScript BootStrap Cisco Sparks API

FINRA Villains Challenge
YHacks, Yale University, New Haven, USA, Earth

FINRA sponsored challenge winner project analysing more than 10 Gb of data using machine learning within 36 hours.

Python Bash Angular Typescript Scikit Learn

Silvers Algorithm Simulation
McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Earth

Shopping mall simulation implementing silvers scheduling algorithm.

C# Unity

Hackatown, Polytechnique, Montreal, Canada,Earth

Crowd based nlu public transit stats and trend app

JavaScript Node.js JQuery Nuance mix React MongoDB BootStrap

i missed a bus
HackMcGill, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Earth

social site for people who miss buses to wallow in sadness together

JavaScript Node.js JQuery React MongoDB BootStrap

This website

My personal one pager website.

JavaScript JQuery BootStrap

HackCooper, Cooper Union, USA, Earth

Schedule/Social app for the busy. Functions include: making your own schedule, comparing with other users, adding friends, hitting other people up to chill on common breaks.

Xamarin MongoDB Node.js


"Everything is relative." - Grade 10 English teacher


  • C#
  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • C++
  • Javascript
  • Bash
  • Ruby
  • Ocaml
  • Xojo


  • MVC
  • .NET Framework
  • Unity
  • React
  • Django
  • Scrapy
  • Angular Js
  • Spring


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • DB2


  • Git
  • Latex
  • Yacc + Bison
  • RegEx
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Vault


  • English - Mother Tongue
  • French - Quasiment Québécois
  • Chinese - Kěyǐ jiǎng
  • Spanish - Soy Silan

Curriculum Vitae

my value as a human being on Earth


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